What is an implanon?

An implanon is a small hormonal device, around the size of a match stick, which is inserted under the skin usually in the arm. It is a highly effective form on contraception that lasts for 3 years.


Considering an Implanon?

The first step is to book in for an initial consult to discuss the option and make sure it is safe for you. You will be given a script for the Implanon, which you will have to purchase from a pharmacy.


Implanon can be inserted by Dr Overton in a short office based procedure. You will be booked for a 30 minute appointment, however the procedure itself only takes around 5 minutes.


What is the cost to an Implanon?

The initial consult cost will be charged at $80 (with a rebate of $37.60). The procedure will cost $100 (with a Medicare rebate of $73.20). An Implanon can be purchased for the cost of a PBS script from the pharmacy.


Dr Overton is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and all day Tuesday.


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